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My requisition to join your lands

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My requisition to join your lands Empty My requisition to join your lands

Post  devonwargod Sat Mar 26, 2011 5:17 pm

hello there, my name is gavin. i am sending you this on behalf that i may join your community, i find your server to be very fun and would love to join. my age is 15, i found this server thru google. my username is devonwargod and you can trust me because im against griefing, theft, and other things such as that. i would also like to apply for moderator if you need extra help, i have been administrator/moderator in several other places before, so i have the experience and i also play as much as possible, if theres a problem such as an argument i will not choose sides, if there is a griefer i would kick him immidiatley (or talk to them depending on server rules).


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